Welcome to lurrker...

by lurrker on 01/15/19

Formerly known as ‘reacttant’ (www.reacttant.com), lurrker is v2 of a web-client built on top of the reddit (www.reddit.com) API. Four years ago we set out to build an application that brought a different feel to browsing reddit content with a single-page-application for quicker traversing of data, a 3-pane reading layout and a more modern approach to the front-end appearance.

While the number of users using that application has continued to grow over the years, development updates and improvements proved to be difficult and time-consuming with the original architecture. After a handful of false-starts, we dedicated resources to re-building the site from the ground-up keeping the same look and feel while adding a handful of requested features - and ultimately rebranded as lurrker.

We first focused on filling in some glaring holes in our functionality that now makes browsing on lurrker much easier. We added infinite scroll to the topics list of a subreddit so you can continuously page through content. We added the common reddit sort filters and the ability to search a subreddit or the reddit api as a whole. We also added user-profile pages, where you can view members submitted content and your own profile.

Next, we went through the application and our backlog of user requests to make design and user-interactivity tweaks that helped improve both the appearance and usability of the application.

We also added something else that wasn’t on the old application: advertisements. And while you may see them from time to time (there are none as of launch), the intent will surely be to make them unobtrusive and as organic feeling as possible. Further, if you want to never view an ad on lurrker or would just like to support continued development of lurrker - we now offer a Diamond membership for the low price of just $20 a year. And if you’re already a reddit gold user, you’ll already get all the same benefits!

And what if you want to do more than just lurk? With lurrker you have the ability to authenticate your account via reddit oAuth. This will pull in your subreddit subscriptions; allow you to subscribe/unsubscribe to subreddits; vote topics and comments up/down; reply and post new content to reddit; and view your saved content on your profile.

Perhaps most important of all, we now have a platform that is ready for continued development and enhancement moving forward. We are excited to see where we can take lurrker and hope to hear your feedback and suggestions so we can continue providing a great alternative reddit experience!