updates & roadmap

Below you will see a log of our recent releases and updates to lurrker with a short list of features or fixes that were included in the release.

release v2.0.2 - 1/24/2019
User Profile and Search bug fixes
  • Fixed minor database issue for user profile data
  • Fixed minor production server issue with search api endpoint
release v2.0.1 - 1/18/2019
Minor updates to ui; save/unsave posts beta feature.
  • Added ability to collapse left navigation menu
  • Added ability to save/unsave posts (beta)
  • Increased font-size on topic comments
  • Adjusted cache frequency
  • Fixed minor display bug with quoted text
release v2.0.0 - 1/15/2019
Launched v2 of lurrker (formerly reacttant) which included a complete re-write of the application.
  • Complete rewrite of application from reactjs to laravel/vuejs and update of UI
  • Rebranded from 'reacttant' to 'lurrker'
  • Added infinite scroll to topics to load more than first 100 records
  • Added subscribe/unsubscribe from subreddit feature
  • Added timeframe to 'Top' subreddit sorting/filtering
  • Added ability to search feature for both entire reddit and individual subreddit
  • Added user profile feature; see topic/comment/gilded and saved history
  • Added reddit gold and lurrker diamond membership support
  • Added blog/articles